Since putting video on my website, my business has dramatically increased.I work with people on overcoming fear of speaking. I recently had a client tell me that it was much easier to make the initial call after seeing my site. In fact his first words were; I feel like I already know you--I just saw you speaking on your website. He became a client within five minutes.  I highly recommend Terry Simpson with T'Visions.tv. He's creative, resourceful and will make you look and feel great. With the increased business, hiring Terry will make you money. Don't wait, act now.

Terry Simpson, Video Producer TVisionsLike everybody else in the video business, we are concentrating more and more on the Web. Unlike most, we understand what makes it a special place for business communications: you can talk to One person at a time, on their schedule, completely at their leisure—until they click away.

Which is usually quite quickly—unless you give them something that Informs, Entertains, and (yes, even sometimes) Inspires them. Pull off that hat-trick and you will succeed.

Our thought about web videos is that they work for anybody who currently uses their picture on their website: consultants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, realtors, doctors, counselors, therapists. Anyone whose work depends on client relationships built on trust and rapport. In 45 seconds face-time, people can get a pretty good sense whether they would enjoy working with you or not. And you probably don't want to work with people who don't "get" you, do you? A video can help pre-screen your clients.

We love working with people to find what differentiates them from other folks doing the same thing. What makes it NOT the same. Click on our web portfolio and see what we mean. With Stacey it was the fact that she listens really well, and has a lot of heart. With Jean, she has fun working with people and they have fun working with her-and they improve a lot, quickly. With Bert, he's a "no-B.S." guy who's been around the block a few times and knows how to cut to the chase.

If you want to know more about the steps involved and what working with us might be like, click on process. Our goal is to take care of you from start to finish so you can be at your best.

We think that now is the time for more person-to-person communications on the web.  And less reading.  Having said that, we have no choice but to shut up and quit writing. Call if you want to talk to someone about what we can do for you.

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